Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bento #10 - Sunday's Bentos

Today's bentos were fun. I made my very first apple bunnies & tomato heart! woo-hoo for me!

My bento has turkey & cheese roll ups, lots of fruit and a little fruit dip, apple bunnies!, trail mix, and tomatoes stuffed with fresh mozzarella & basil. Kitty sauce cup has balsamic vinegar for the tomatoes.

D's bento has the same turkey cheese roll ups, but he ended up taking them out and rolling them into a Flatout honey wrap so he didn't have to touch the meat, he has the tomato heart, apple bunny, fruit, graham crackers & fruit dip, applesauce w/sprinkles and monster mix.


  1. These bentos look so sweet, and the sizzling bright background is quite cool :)

  2. Thanks! I thought the bright flowers were very springy and I definitely need that. I'm so over winter, but it's still here. That background is actually tissue paper I got at the dollar spot @ Target. :)


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