Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bento #9 2.13.2010

Today's bento is more RED for the BOMB Challenge at Hapa Bento. :)  I've got 2 mini pita that I sprayed with food coloring spray (be careful if you use this, the overspray goes farther than you think) filled with fried egg and apple-shaped cheese cutouts. I've also cut out apple hearts (harder to do than I thought it would be). Cremini mushrooms filled with roasted eggplant dip and layered with thin slices of radish, pineapple, and golden Oreo cakesters from a 100 calorie pack.

My mom made me the table topper a couple of years ago for Valentine's day. It's reversible with St. Patrick's fabric on the back, so you'll see that in a few weeks.


  1. pretty!

    I would never think to spray paint pita another color! LOL!!

  2. Beautiful! Do you ever get the lids on your bento? I was just wondering how you lay it all down if you do :P

  3. Nope, so far no lids. We usually eat at home, so I just make them, take the photo & then eat. :) I was thinking about the lids the other day. Will have to rethink what goes in there if I'm going to get the lid on.

  4. A lovely and vibrant red bento! The idea of cremini mushrooms with roasted eggplant sounds outrageously good :)


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