Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring was a tease!

We had a couple of weeks of warmer weather, and then last night . . . 4 inches of  new snow! NOOO! It's still very cloudy and wet outside, but this weekend should be back in the 40s so what ever is left should hopefully melt.

I took this picture last night as it was snowing. The ground was still warm so the wet snow was only sticking to the branches & grass. This branch was in my mom's driveway across town.


  1. That looks neat :) Does it usually snow this late in the year there?

  2. Everytime I've written a comment it won't let me type in the word verification unless I hit the disabled button.

  3. that's strange! I don't even get a disabled button. maybe the internet is trying to send you a subtle message. :)~

    we often get a little snow in April. We were just spoiled by a very mild Jan, Feb, & March with warmer temps than normal and now are complaining about the snow. About 4 yrs ago we got 18" the end of April. I was really NOT pleased that year!


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