Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Plan #19

Looking forward to a week with lots of running around, and lots of snow. The weather forecast is for 3"-8" tonight and 2"-4" probably by Wednesday. Should make for an interesting week. :)

Monday: Leftovers from Benihana: fried rice, hibachi shrimp, teriyaki steak, and veggies. Oh yum!

Tuesday: Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers - (Meatless). I've made this one before and liked it, but needed to use more sauce like the recipe called for. I have a couple of beautiful red peppers that came in my Full Circle box this week that will be perfect "stuffed."

Wednesday: Salmon Chowder - Saw a recent episode of Bobby Flay's Throwdown where they made salmon chowder and now hubby and I can't get it out of our heads. I'm going to try to make up my own recipe. Fingers crossed that it will turn out.

Thursday: Hmmm. No idea. Possibly MIL Noodle Chicken dish that I didn't get to last week.

Friday: Pizza Delphi!!

Saturday: Tuscan White Bean Soup (WW cookbook p.72) with WW quick flatbread (WW current magazine p.90)

Sunday: Superbowl!! Haven't finalized the menu yet - any suggestions?

A few "extras" I'd like to try. We'll see if I get to them:

Check out hundreds of other great menu ideas at Org Junkie.

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  1. Wow I imagine you're in for an eventful week. I can't remember what that much snow is like. I love making Tuscan White Bean soup because I usually have all the stuff on hand to make it. I use Giada's recipe.

    I always make my award winning chili for super bowl, otherwise I was thinking of something easy like pulled pork in the crockpot.


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