Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday #18

This week's menu plan was revised as I was writing it and will probably change a little through the week since some unexpected things have already come up. Here's the basic plan, subject to change.

Monday: Lemon Basil Pasta

Tuesday: Stuffed zucchini and balsamic glazed pork tenderloin

Wednesday: Fried Rice - maybe veggie, maybe with shrimp. Or MIL Jan's Chicken Noodle dish.

Thursday: Chicken noodle dish was going to be tonight, but instead eating out and going to a lecture in Anchorage.

Friday: Usually out, but probably not 2 nights in a row. We'll see. Maybe leftovers, or whichever thing I didn't make on Wed.

Saturday: Benihana with our "little bro" Noah. Didn't work out last week, so we're rescheduled for this week.

Sunday: Pork with Rice Noodles (from WW cookbook in new Deluxe Kit)

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