Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Bento

New year...and only one bento so far. I had hoped to have more by now but that just hasn't been the case. As I've said before we mostly eat lunch at home and it's often dinner leftovers or a quick sandwich or something like that. I want to get back to attempting some bento lunches it just hasn't really happened. But, we're still early in the year so I've got plenty of time, right?!

We both had heart shaped egg salad sandwiches (though the bread was kinda small and barely shows the heart shapes), mini babybel, and flavored pretzel thins. I had roasted edemame, and fresh kiwi & pineapple. Dave had trail mix and probably a couple of golden oreos.


  1. This looks so fun--love how bento brings playfulness to lunch! Love the black kitty box with vibrant fruits :D

  2. It was a picnic Judy! We took our bentos in the car and ate in the sun!


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