Friday, June 15, 2012

Flowers on Friday

Things are blooming here! Especially everyone's allergies. The rhubarb has started going to seed and the dandelions are taking over. The choke cherry tree has lost all of it's petals and the crab apple isn't far behind. We've had a couple of weeks of cool weather, rain, and lots of dreary days so the lawn is out of control. We have dandelions that are over a foot tall and are blooming like crazy. I've even seen cotton floating through the air (from the cottonwood trees). So much for getting a break from the allergens.

Chokecherry petals - or is it snow?!

A few years ago I planted a row of 12" tall lilacs that I hoped would one day be a hedge. Most of them have survived but are still going kind of slow. I think last year I had one blossom on one plant. This year I have three on one! I also have a larger bush up next to the house that is over 5' tall and has about ten blossoms this year! I went out today and cut a few to enjoy inside. Nothin' like fresh flowers.

Panda LOVES smelling the flowers and usually tries to sneak a taste.

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  1. Haha! Panda is so cute! Si makes the biggest deal whenever I bring in plants indoors - smelling them like Mr. Inspector. And we have coyote bushes here that drop so much white flowers that it looks like frost or snow, but that's in the winter. Now we have cottonwood too and I have some really lovely bloodshot eyes.


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