Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bento #2

Kinda of a sad looking bentos, I know. I really need to up the kawaii (cute!) factor, and work on fillers. We usually eat lunch at home and I have not given much thought to preparing bento the night before or even morning of, it's usually 1/2 hr before we eat. This one is titled Bento #2 because I know I've made 1 other one, just haven't spent the time looking for the photo yet.

for me:
Babybel cheese, sandwich thin w/peanut butter & banana, carrots, and sauteed apples

for D:
sandwich thin w/turkey & dijonnaise, Laughing Cow wedge w/pretzels, carrots w/ranch, and sauteed apples.

Here's looking forward to a new week with new bentos & new recipes!


  1. Yummy Peanutbutter and banana! I love your little pink cups... they are a nice shape.

  2. Thanks Angi! I found them at either Michael's or JoAnn's in thier baking section. I thought the oval shape would make them easier to "tuck in." :)


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