Saturday, March 13, 2010

A few shots from Seattle

We went to Seattle last weekend to get away for a few days. We had the best weather and came home to a blizzard, which included several inches of new snow and a very slow drive home from the airport in the middle of the night. Looking back at these pictures I'm so ready for spring. It's about 0° here this morning and bright sunny (the sun is nice, warmer would be better).  Just a few photos from our trip.

Obviously if you go to Seattle and the weather is nice you have to go up the Space Needle. D had not been to Seattle before so we saw a few of the sights.

Mmmm, lunch at Ivar's - clam chowder & shrimp cocktail.

This was taken from the 10th floor inside the public library downtown. It's really cool in there.

At the aquarium. We walked under this tank of fish. I thought it was pretty with the blue skies above.

Again, when you go to Seattle there are just some places you HAVE to go. Pike Place Market for one. I had forgotten how many flower vendors there are. I wish we had a few more days and I could have bought some of the flowers to enjoy. They were only $10 for giant bouquets that we would pay $60 or more for from the florist. If I lived near there I would have fresh flowers all the time.


  1. Looks like an awesome mini vacation! Is that a green roof in the picture? I think those are wicked cool!

  2. Yes! I love those rooftop greens & gardens too! I pointed them out whenever we were high enough to see them! :)


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