Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here's the new gear!

I guess I didn't go as crazy as I thought, but it was certainly overwhelming when I got into that dollar store and saw all the goodies. I did try to be a little practical and get things I thought I would really use, not just stuff to take up space. I think I did pretty well.

We all wish this every day! :o)

new boxes, the pink and green gingham are the "wish a good day" boxes with a rubber seal inside and locking sides, the little blue and red ones are 2 tiered, got some panda cookies to try, a bunch of little food picks (penguin, turtle, dolphin, giraffe, etc) in the front and little cups in shapes of dog, bear, and rabbit.

since we were staying in a hotel I thought I desperatly needed the frog eye mask (it was very nice to use there), a couple new sets of chopsticks, various rice molds, and a couple veggie cutters, shamrock punch and rice candy.

It was a successful trip and sure beats paying $10 for shipping online. Wish I had access to more stuff like this more often. Guess I will have to see what is available in the MD, PA, & WV areas when we go on vacation this summer (I don't know that I will find any bento gear in WV).

1 comment:

  1. Nice loot :) I like the chocolate pandas the best!!!


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