Friday, March 19, 2010

Harmony Handbag

My mom and I took another quilting class, but this time it was for a bag called the Harmony Handbag by StudioKat Designs. They have a bunch of cool bags, this is the first of theirs that we have made. I'm also taking a class to make the insert and am almost finished with that. I love that the insert is a separate pouch that can be transferred from bag to bag. The bags themselves are kinda giant as far as purses go (I'm a tiny purse kinda gal now), so my entire purse fits inside my bag with room to spare. I should have taken a pic of the inside of the bag, but haven't yet (maybe will update the post later w/an additional picture). The bag itself has a place for 1 or 2 drink holders (I made 2), plus I put an additional sectioned pocket of my own design inside. My bag is the first one I'll show you. My mom's is the cow bag and the other one is the sample the teacher made for class. She's giving it to her daughter or daughter-in-law as a diaper bag. (sorry the photos are taking up so much of the page, I've been fighting w/blogger and can't get them just right - at least not right for my liking)

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