Sunday, April 25, 2010

The garden is waking up!

I took a look around yesterday and found these things starting to come alive in my flower beds.

The first is my bleeding heart. Last fall I split it in 2 because it has gotten so overgrown. I was happy to see it come back this year, I just wasn't sure if it would.

This is rhubarb just starting to come up. I've got 2 big bunches of it. This is one of the heads (?) - I really don't know what you call it at this stage, but my husband refuses to look at it whether in real life or in a picture. He said it's gross. :) I think it looks like some kind of sea creature.

No idea what this is - maybe a tulip?

This is blue delphinium. I should have cleared out the old dead stuff at the end of last season, but once it freezes and the plants die I'm just not interested in tending to the garden.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Don't worry! Spring is late for California too. It will come soon enough.

    I'll put you on my bento list soon. Send me email if you want a little box for your collection. I would like you to have it.


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