Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seward, Alaska

Last weekend we took a couple of days and acted like tourists in our own state. We definitely need to do this more often, as there is a LOT to see in Alaska. You may know this already, but if you were to cut Alaska in half Texas would be the 3rd largest state! (and I say that with much love for the Lone Star state, you are one of my faves!)

We took about a 3 hour drive south to the coastal town of Seward. The drive itself is spectacular. You start by getting out of Anchorage and driving along Turnagain Arm, then through Turnagain Pass (which still had quite a bit of snow and lots of people playing in it), then the tiny community of Moose Pass, and finally you arrive in Seward. The weather could not have been better. We had sunny skies and no wind which made for a fabulous afternoon whale watching cruise!

 This is some of what you see as you drive along Turnagain Arm.

This one is Kenai Lake. If I remember right, it's over 30 miles long and drains from both ends.

This guy was putting on quite the show in the boat harbor. He was getting the fish scraps from under the fish cleaning tables and enjoying his dinner. This was in the harbor right below our hotel room.

It's funny, I took a ton of pictures and he always seemed to be looking right at the camera.

This male sea lion is probably 1500 lbs and 7-8' long.

On our little cruise we saw a bunch of sealions, seagulls, eagles, puffins, seals, and little porpoise.

This is the harbor at night.

And finally, we ended our mini-getaway with a night stay at Alyeska Resort. This is my dessert. Baked Alyeska. Brownie, 3 kinds of chocolate mousse, meringue, pretty sugar, and yummy little sauces.

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