Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mystery Quilts on a Line

Each winter our local quilt shop, Sylvia's Quilt Depot, provides a shop mystery. This is a mystery quilt where for each of 6 months we stop in and pick up a free step to a mystery quilt, and then the seventh month (or so) we all get together for an outdoor quilt show and see how everyone's quilt turned out. Keep in mind they are all made from the same pattern, the only thing that differs is each quilters's choice of fabric. Each month you are given cutting instructions as well as piecing instructions, so it really goes a little at a time until the sixth month when the layout is finally revealed. A lot of the quilts are tops only at this point, meaning they don't have batting, backing, or quilting yet. Adding the batting, backing, & quilting will change the look a little. With the light behind them I think they look a little like stained glass.

This is me with my quilt top. I have another border to add, and then will probably add a couple more but haven't decided what kind yet.

This is my mom's quilt. The people hanging the quilts hung it upside down - the part without the outside pink border is going to be the top of the quilt.

I love to see them all lined up blowing in the breeze. They are all so different!

There were about 20 quilts this year.


  1. They all look wicked hanging up there and blowing in the wind. I like the idea of a mystery quilt... it sounds fun :)

  2. I love them blowing around. Soo Beautiful.


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