Friday, September 3, 2010

Photo Friday from my Garden

This will be so yummy! It's about the size of a softball! There are two more babies on the plant but it's unlikely there will be enough time for them to get very big before we get frost. That's okay because the babies are tasty & there's no "choke" in them.


  1. Excellent! Just look at the size... so how do you like them? With melted butter and garlic? Mayo? I love them all ways. Little ones can be cut in half and grilled. Lucky you!

    And I received your letter and seeds this week. Thank you!!! I love REAL mail. It's such a treat!

  2. Yep, melted butter & garlic for me. Never tried 'em with mayo, but that's how my dad used to eat them. Oh, I love the babies too, cut in half and little sauteed...mmmmm. Just thinking about eating them makes my mouth water. I should probably grow more than one plant next year. :)


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