Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lounging Around

A couple of weeks ago Neptune and I were lounging around watching tv (he's the black dog), when Panda decided she desperately needed to be on the couch with us. She leaped into the air over Neptune and landed here. Looks comfy, right?!


  1. Isn't that how girls are? Haha! Love the photo. We were watching our friends two border collies and we have an Australian Sheperd, and the smallest who is female had to be the center of everything and she had to be first...first out the door first to the food, first out front while taking a walk..you name it. And she nudges in when we pet one of the boys! It's all about her!

    I love the profile photo of you two!

  2. Panda reminds me of Si the cat whenever Jef the BF talks to me or even sits near me. Cute photo! Your expression is the best!


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