Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #5

This week looks like it might be a little less busy than last week. I'm always optimistic on Sunday evening when I'm thinking about all the things I think I'll have time to make in the upcoming week. Some weeks it works out perfectly, other weeks I'm over ambitious with my planning. In any case if that happens I've got options for the following week too!

Monday: Sweet Corn & Potato Soup with garlic bread (Meatless Monday)

Tuesday: Apple-Chicken Crostini melts

Wednesday: Thanksgiving in a Pot (Sandra Lee crockpot recipe) I guess turkey breast isn't something our stores normally carry. I think I have Pork Mango Potstickers in the freezer, so we'll have that instead with some stuffed zucchini on the side.

Thursday: Chicken Enchilasagna (from the Most Decadent Diet cookbook)

Friday: Probably eating out

Saturday: Leftovers - Thanksgiving or Chicken Enchilasagna

Sunday: Veggie stuffed baked potato skins

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