Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yep - The Snow is Coming

The last several days we've had a terrible wind storm. Gusts to 80 mph, power out for hours (ours was only out 5 hours, I've heard other reports of power out over 24 hrs so far), trees & limbs down all over, lots and lots of glacial silt blowing around & an air quality alert in effect until Monday morning (although the wind has mostly died down and the air isn't bad now). I noticed it was very cloudy by the mountains and had a look of snow. There's a certain look the sky and clouds get when it's thinking about snowing. You just know it's coming. I took out the garbage and noticed we were getting flurries. Not many, and they didn't "stick" but it was still enough to remind us it's not far off. Once the clouds lifted . . . well, see for yourself.

 This is taken right in front of my mom's house. Lazy Mtn on the left and hidden in the clouds is Matanuska Peak. It's got a good bit of snow on it. Lazy only got a light dusting on the top.
 The sun came out a little on Lazy and you can see Matanuska Peak better through the clouds in this one.
 This is the view from our office parking lot down town. This is Pioneer Peak.
Another shot of Pioneer Peak and the Palmer water tower.

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