Friday, October 15, 2010

A bento!

Terrible photo - delicious dinner! This was a bento dinner I had at a sushi place in Eagle River, AK after my girlfriend and I went to a movie in Anchorage. She had been here before and said it was really good, so I thought I needed to sample it too!

Dinner was delish! I ordered a combo dinner and it came in this bento box. Teriyaki chicken, rice, California roll, and tempura shrimp....shhhrrriiiiiiimmmpp! I could eat my weight in shrimp nearly every day. I love love love it. This tempura shrimp was really good too. When I was almost done eating I looked under the little bowl of sauce and found steamed edemame in the pod! Surprise! Mmmm. There was so much food I couldn't eat it all, so I brought home the chicken & some rice for Dave.

Definitely great find for another dinner stop. Speaking of dinner...I could use some now.


  1. That's funny...your edemame surprise! Beautiful bento and it does sound tasty! What a nice treat.

  2. I, too, could eat my weight in shrimp, and this plate of food is making me very hungry! Yum!


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