Monday, June 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday #23

Time for another Menu Plan. I've been writing them out on paper, mostly all along, but I throw those out at the end of the week, and then a couple weeks later my hubby asks for something from weeks before and I have no idea what or where to find the recipe again. On occasion Google is helpful if I'm looking for a recipe I found online, but otherwise I'm often at a loss. Adding a Menu Plan to the blog seriously helps my sanity - so I'm back at it again.

Speaking of back at it again - we've been busy and short on time and I haven't been in the MM (Meatless Monday) frame of mind. Well this week we are back at it, starting with a Hungry Girl recipe using a Boca Burger.

Monday: HG's Island Insanity burger (Meatless Monday)

Tuesday: Fresh Caught (not by me) Alaskan Halibut. There is just nothing better than fresh, never frozen fish.

Wednesday: Chick'n Parm using a Boca "chicken" patty. A friend recommended these and my hubby never gets enough spaghetti so here we go.

Thursday: Salmon Thursday. Haven't decided on preparation or anything yet. Sometimes it's just pan seared and yummy.

Friday: Pretty much always Pizza Delphi (local Italian, close to our house)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Homemade pizza. Found a great recipe a few weeks ago for a Whole Wheat Honey dough that is so simple and turns out great. I even used this dough for grilled pizza a couple weeks back (future blog post).

After thinking about all these yummy recipes I'm ready for a snack! Check out tons of other menu plans at OrgJunkie.

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