Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday #25

Last week's Menu plan was barely followed. I had good intentions, but we had some other things pop up that needed to be front burner, so to speak, and the meals took a back burner. This week will be busy as well, but hopefully not as busy and will return to some regular dinners at home. I've found some new recipes I'd like to try, so hopefully those will be worked in over the next several weeks.

Monday: Taco Soup (not meatless but eating from the freezer)

Tuesday: I'm eating out with my girlfriends - not sure what Dave is having

Wednesday: Ricotta stuffed Tomatoes - recipe from a Vegetarian Farmers Mkt cookbook. Perhaps a recipe review will follow in the next few days. (meatless)

Thursday: Red Snapper

Friday: pretty much always out

Saturday: leftovers of some kind

Sunday: Whole Wheat honey Pizza dough. Didn't get to this the last couple of weeks. Sunday's are usually mellow enough to do something like this.

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