Monday, July 4, 2011

Menu Plan Monday #26

This week's menu plan includes the 4th of July! Yay! Grilling, apple pie, and caprese salad bites are on the menu. I haven't given any thought to the rest of the week yet...better change that, and fast!

Monday: 4th of July - grilled burgers, caprese salad bites (recipe to follow soon!), apple pie in a jar (will eventually be a recipe/method review), crab pasta salad, and assorted cut up fresh veggies and fruit.

Tuesday: Spaghetti or something like that. Finally a Tuesday back to myself (I think). I've been covering for a WW co-worker for about a month and a half at a different meeting and that has really thrown off our schedule.

Wednesday: Chicken something. I have chicken in the freezer. already cooked and uncooked. maybe I'll make laughing cow chicken.

Thursday: Salmon Thursday

Friday: back to the regular - Pizza Delphi!

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: for now I'm going to leave Sunday open. Maybe I'll use it to try a new recipe.

This menu is linked to Menu Plan Monday on OrgJunkie.

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