Monday, August 29, 2011

Bento by the river

I finally got around to making us a bento lunch, mostly to get my hubby out of the house. He's been working hard on a project and I couldn't let him miss this lovely warm-ish weather we're having today. We haven't had too many super nice days this summer, and we can already feel a crispness in the air. Fall isn't far from us. Some of the trees are already starting to show little spots of yellow leaves.

I snapped this pic with my phone. Not too bad for a phone picture. The mountain in the distance is Pioneer Peak, and that little dark green nub below it is called the butte. The elevation of the butte is only about 850'.

Our bentos today were made quickly, and aren't terribly creative, but they were tasty and served their purpose.

Mine is at the top of the photo and had turkey and cheese stacks, caprese salad with fresh from the greenhouse cucumber, graham crackers, and apricots on top of brown sugar yogurt.  Dave's was quite similar, but he had an actual turkey and cheese sandwich, same apricots with yogurt, and popped bbq chips.

This is one of my late-blooming Martha Washington geraniums. Beautiful!

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  1. That's a beautiful shot Susan, nice pic for a phone! Gorgeous flower too. I love these on the run bentos...gotta enjoy the weather while you can!


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