Sunday, April 15, 2012

A weekend bento!

It's not very exciting, but it is a bento. Finally. It's been a little hectic lately but yesterday I decided to just spend an extra few minutes and put my lunch into a bento box.

I had a little pack of garlic summer sausage (yum!) and cheese that came in a gift box that I thought would be a perfect size to line up in my box. Triscuit thins are there between the rows of meat and cheese. I wasn't sure how to fit them in and make them look cute, so they are just there. Fresh pineapple, strawberries, and a yummy homemade biscotti for something a little sweet. Mmmm. I love making biscotti in smaller sizes for just a couple bites of soft & crunchy goodness.


  1. I like this bento, lots of goodies! I really need to post another bento...good for you!

    1. Thanks Lyndsey! At least you MAKE bentos more often - or I think you do. :)


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