Friday, April 30, 2010

Spicy Spring Spiral

This week I completed another of the Spicy Spiral table runners. This one is for an "Ugly Duckling Challenge" that I'm participating in with the Country Roads Quilt Guild in West Virginia. (the guild there voted last summer at their annual picnic and chose "the ugliest fabric" for this challenge. It's the lime green with orange dots fabric in my project - and I love it!) Nope, I'm not in WV, but my gracious mother-in-law has offered to submit it for me at the May meeting. This one is different from the blue & green table runner I made because I used only 4 fabrics and repeated them, rather than using 8 different fabrics.

Down the center I've placed dimensional appliquéd flowers that I made using the flowers from the outer fabric print and stuck them together with double-sided iron-on adhesive (the ladies here in AK affectionately call it "lick & stick" although there isn't any licking involved). After the flowers are stuck together you simply cut around whatever shape you have (for me it was flowers) and then tack them down somehow. You want the edges to curl up on their own a bit.

This is also the first project that I have done any free motion quilting. Luckily I'm not including an up-close photo so you can't see the variations in the stitch lengths. I will definitely need to practice with a steady foot and steady hands on the free motion quilting.

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