Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Menu Plan Monday #38 - Feb. 6

Wow time for another menu plan! Did everyone survive the Super Bowl parties and all that food? We had people here, and as always I had too much food. Partly because 3 people weren't able to make it. I know, how can 3 people make a difference? Well the ones that were here did eat a bit, but the others would have taken some home with them. So, now I have leftovers for a bento lunch!

And on to the menu plan. The first few days of this week are shaping up to be busy, no idea what the rest of the week will bring so I better get a plan together. Life is so much simpler this way.

Monday: Delicious sounding Smoky Manhattan Style Clam Chowder - and a review to follow later in the week (fingers crossed!). Tonight we plan to get back into a regular yoga class so I'm going to put this together this afternoon and let it cook itself in the crockpot. Yoga runs a little late, we get out at 8:00 so by using the crockpot I don't have to slave over the stove when we get back, I actually eat what I've planned to eat, and we can eat before 9pm.

Tuesday: We'll be in Anchorage for an appointment, so Dinner Out!

Wednesday: Meatloaf Muffins - making a double batch so lots to freeze

Thursday: Salmon!

Friday: TBD

Saturday: leftovers or something from the freezer

Sunday: homemade pizza

On my list of things "to try" this week:

Grits Cake from a friend in SC. It's not a savory thing, it's actually a sweet cake with a gooey top that has grits in it! I'll post the recipe and pics once I've sampled it.

Vegan Fudge from Chocolate Covered Katie. I've wanted to try this for at least a month now, just haven't taken the time to do it.

This menu is linked up with Menu Plan Monday at Orgjunkie.com

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