Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday #39 - Feb. 13

Time for another menu plan. Actually, as I write this I'm only 2 days into the current menu plan but haven't made it to the grocery store yet this week so I figured I would start on next week's and see if I could only shop once and make it for 2 weeks. I'm sure there will be something I forget, or we'll run out of dog food or toothpaste or whatever, but at least an attempt will help keep me on track.
Update: It's Monday now, and I will have to go to the store this week. :( but only for a couple of things. Paper towels, eggs, strawberries & asparagus (on sale this week!) and...well, now I've forgotten the other item. But this morning I was so glad to have spent the extra few minutes making 2 menu plans last week I think I'll keep this up (I've already got 2 more started!). It definitely saved me time and got me planning ahead a little. Even looking forward to different meals and remembering "oh yeah, it's on next week's plan!"

Monday: Autumn Risotto with Cranberries - I've been missing Meatless Monday, and we're back to yoga class on Monday nights, so I'm thinking something quick but filling. This will take a few minutes when I get home, but sounds so good right now and I have everything on-hand already.

Tuesday: Chinese BBQ Pork - I received this recipe in a Holiday Card Recipe Exchange - will review next week.

Wednesday: Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas - sub ff evap milk for heavy cream, and make in 2 8x8 dishes. Freeze one to bake later.

Thursday: Salmon!!

Friday: out - we never go out on Valentine's day because the restaurants are so crazy-busy. We always go out the Friday after. So this will be our Valentine's dinner.

Saturday: Hawaiian Crunch Halibut

Sunday: leftovers

I've found several new recipes to try. Thank you Pinterest! Anyone else get on there and get into some kind of time warp and lose track of what you were doing?

Some extras I'd like to try:

Skinnytaste Carrot Cake

Pumpkin Cream Bread - found the link on Pinterest!

Make your Own Foamy Handsoap - not an edible recipe, but one I'm going to try. Also found on Pinterest.

Tub & Shower Magic - I think this was on Pinterest too. I get so caught up in things there. Review: I made this the other night and sprayed it on our extra shower head (the one on a hose I use for dog baths and cleaning the shower) to see how it would do on the mineral build up and soap scum stuff. It did a great job! Also sprayed it on the spout for the tub and it came out so sparkling and I didn't even have to scrub or wipe it. Just rinsed it off. Awesome.

My menu plan is linked up with hundreds of other great menu plans at

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  1. Yummy!
    You have a wonderful and delicious week.
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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