Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday #41 - Feb. 27

Planning two weeks at one time - today it's more of a struggle than it was last time. Maybe because I can't seem to find anything besides casseroles today. Imagine if I planned a whole month at once. I'm sure we would end up eating casseroles and chili one month and the next month would be all salads. Better if I stick to just two weeks at a time I think. And today I'm going to start a draft of the next two weeks and work on them as I come across recipes this week.

Monday: Lemon Basil Pasta - Meatless Monday! Goes together quickly after yoga class.

Tuesday: Chinese BBQ Pork - bumped from couple weeks ago.

Wednesday: Chicken Divan, Lightened Up - another Skinnytaste recipe that sounds delicious.

Thursday: Salmon Thursday

Friday: Out

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: TBD

Other recipes to try this week:

Banana Bread Donuts - Chocolate Covered Katie - she makes everything look good!

Skinnytaste Carrot Cake

homemade laundry soap - again, this is not edible, but I do hope to make a batch this week.

and these two from last week that I just didn't get to.

apple cranberry crumble - this has become one of our favorite recipes at a restaurant in Anchorage. Would love to find a suitable recipe to make it at home (and lighter!).

Homemade skinny Chocolate Cake - been waiting to try this until I knew I wouldn't have to eat the whole pan myself, but I might just do that anyway. 

This menu plan is linked to Menu Plan Monday at


  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe links.
    Do you always make your own laundry soap? How do you store it?

    1. I haven't made my own laundry soap yet - I've been wanting to but haven't gotten to it yet. This link is for a smaller batch than some of the others I've seen. I think she put hers into gallon oj jugs. I have saved a couple of gallon apple juice jugs I was going to put mine into.


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