Monday, April 2, 2012

Photos for Tuesday

This past weekend we stayed in Anchorage in a nice hotel with a great view. We had dinner at their restaurant on the 20th floor. I had a giant plate of King Crab legs. And butter. And then creme brulee for dessert. Oh yum!

Here's the view of downtown Anchorage, looking east, from the restaurant.

And the view the next day from our room. It had just stopped raining when I caught this one.

Our cat Harley is so accustomed to having the dogs around she was very clingy this morning before we picked up the dogs from the kennel. She sat as close as she could get and then made this silly face.


  1. Harley is my new favorite blog kitty! ;p

    1. Thanks Judy! She is a sweetie - and so patient. She has put up with 4 dogs over the years (2 at a time) and really holds her own with them. She will be 12 this July!


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