Monday, April 30, 2012

Signs of Spring!

The last 2 1/2-3 weeks have been beautiful. Sunny and warm (warm for this time of year is mid-50s!) and almost all of our record snowfall has melted. There are a few stray piles around town where it was mounded up into giant piles 30' or taller but they are melting quickly.

Here's what I found on a quick walk around my yard yesterday.

My choke-cherry tree (aka "May tree") is budding! And see in the background there isn't any snow!! In about 2 weeks this tree will be covered with clusters of tiny white flowers and then a few days later the wind will blow a little and it will look like it is snowing because all of the tiny petals will be everywhere.

This is some columbine coming up. Can't remember what color the flowers are when it blooms, and that will be a ways off, but it is nice to see it up!

Rhubarb makes an appearance! I love how the leaves start out red and wrinkly. By the time they are gown they are nearly 3' across!

And I have a tulip almost ready to bloom! I have some other things up and about but they are still sort of covered with last year's leaves and I didn't want to disturb them yet. We're not out of the woods with potential for a freeze at night until almost Memorial Day so best to keep them covered for a bit longer.

And there you have it! Spring has sprung in my part of Alaska!


  1. I do miss rhubarb!! When growing up in Michigan our neighbor would give us a large share of his rhubarb and my mom would cook it up for me! The May Tree sounds interesting! We have the Jacaranda trees in bloom and it is now "snowing " purple pedals! So interesting seeing different climates foliage. :)

    1. seems like when you've got rhubarb you've always got more than enough to share with the neighbors. I only have 2 "small" plants and they produce more than enough for us and I give a bunch to my mom and my niece too. Maybe I should send you some too! I wonder how it would travel? :)

  2. I was telling The Mister just the other day about my friend in Alaska and spring and the pictures of snow on your blog. So it is good to see some green and flower buds!

    1. my mom actually has flowers BLOOMING already! Her crocus just finished up and the daffodils are blooming now. We had so much snow everyone is just itching to get out and play in the dirt! Last week we got some plant starts from the Municipality of Anchorage greenhouse that they weren't going to use. They had to go in the greenhouse with the heater running at night until it's time to be outside. :)

  3. Hy Susan,
    stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping ..lovely space you have with awesome posts..
    happy following you..;)
    do stop by mine sometime

    Tasty Appetite


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