Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday #35

Trying to plan this week's dinner menu around my first ever pantry challenge with myself. I'd like to eat from the pantry and freezer as much as possible (with the exception of Wed.). Breakfasts and lunches are whatever we have on hand.

Monday: Sweet & Sticky Sesame Chicken from Hungry Girl and egg drop soup from the pantry. New to me recipe. Haven't tried before but her's usually work out pretty well and I just happen to have everything except the scallions on hand.

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Flank Steak taco salad with black bean & corn salad (recipes to follow whenever I remember!) :) I ♥ the slow cooker for those days when I'm not going to be home to make dinner. Again, everything on hand except a jar of salsa for the black bean salad.

Wednesday: Lasagna for a crowd based on Easy Lasagna II from Allrecipes, rosemary parm bread knots, green salad, and angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream - it's my mom's birthday and we're having her over along with my niece and her 1 mo. old baby & bf, my nephew and his wife & 3 kids, my other niece and her bf, and the 2 of us. Yep a crowd.

Thursday: Salmon Thursday! Found a recipe I want to try (review to come) Potato Crusted Salmon!

Friday: we almost always eat out on Friday

Saturday: I like to use Saturday to pull something quick from the freezer that we've had leftover from another dinner.

Sunday:  Veggie Pizza from the freezer

This menu is linked to hundreds of other great menu plans at Org Junkie.

01/23/2012 Recap of last week:
Dave really liked the sesame chicken. I thought it was okay. I'll probably make it again.

The flank steak in the crockpot was really good. I put down a base of sliced onions, the flank steak, and then topped it with part of a can diced tomatoes. When I got home I pulled it all out with a slotted spoon and shredded the meat. We had it as shredded beef taco salad. I totally forgot to make the black bean & corn salad.

The lasagna turned out great. Those bread knots . . . mmmm. . . drool.

Didn't use the salmon recipe I had in mind. Modified another recipe that's been awaiting my review/post. Fingers crossed that happens soon.

Friday we did eat out. Saturday we had frozen pizza. Sunday. . . oh yeah, we had my niece and her b/f over for dinner. Made halibut breaded in the parm crusted chicken recipe, and those blueberry bars that everyone loves.

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